Contribute to the GCDD

Contributing to the GCDD is easy, and we welcome all collaborators. Obtaining records of observations of coral disease is essential to understanding their distribution and tracking their spread. It can also help scientists understand connections between human impacts, such as pollution, and the decline of coral reefs. Reporting your observations would be invaluable to scientists and resource managers..

One of the key aims of the GCDD is to facilitate communication between Coral Disease researchers while at the same time promoting fair use of all data provided. Read more about our data sharing agreement here.

Contributing to the GCDD will allow you to:
  • View and explore your data in the context of current global coral disease research
  • Reach potential data collaborators and users of your data
  • Contribute to better global understanding about the extent and nature of coral diseases

Data uploaded to the GCDD must conform to a specific format, and must include a preset list of variables. This system has been developed to encourage best practice in data collection, in order to enable the compilation of a globally comparable coral disease dataset.

A data uploading guide is available here

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Data Sharing Agreement

We are committed to the fair use of your data. Click here to read our data sharing agreement.