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Red Band Disease (RBD)


Red Band Disease Porites lobata (massive) Photo: Andrew Bruckmer


Red Band Disease Acropora spp.
Notes: Close up image. Arrow highlights the band. R = recent mortality; Live = Living tissue.
Photo: Andrew Bruckner

Red Band Disease identification

Red band disease (RBD) is characterized by a pigmented mat or band dominated by filamentous cyanobacteria. The band is located at the margin between living tissue and recently exposed skeleton. RBD is very similar to BBD and can be easily mistaken. However, unlike black band disease, which also contains cyanobacteria, red band disease lacks white filaments or specks associated with the bacteria Beggiatoa. There are several other cyanobacteria that are reddish in coloration commonly found associated with corals. See images under compromised health, cyanobacterial mats.

Red Band Disease and monitoring effort over time

Global occurrence of RBD