Data license agreement

This is a data sharing agreement between the end user (You) and the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC). UNEP-WCMC will use the data within the GCDD for display and visualisation purposes on the Internet. UNEP-WCMC will use all reasonable efforts to protect the data from unauthorised use, reproduction, distribution or publication, according to the following terms:

  • UNEP-WCMC will archive, but will not sell, redistribute or provide third party access to the data within the GCDD. Contributors will maintain copyright of the data provided by them to the GCDD.
  • Contributed dataset(s) will be visible within the GCDD, and fully cited, as stipulated by contributors. UNEP-WCMC may not remove or obscure citation notices.
  • UNEP-WCMC will link third parties (i.e. those who wish to download and use raw data) to data contributors to facilitate the exchange of raw data, via an online process.

End users and contributors of data will:

    Generate and maintain a metadata profile containing current focal contact information.
  • Provide specific citation requirements for each dataset uploaded to the GCDD using the online batch data upload facility.
  • Cite appropriate acknowledgement in all presentations, product releases, or publications making use of the data provided by contributors to the GCDD.
  • Notify UNEP-WCMC of any errors and discrepancies that are discovered during the course of using these data.

This agreement is for an indefinite term while the data is used as part of the GCDD visualisation tool. The agreement will automatically terminate without notice if UNEP-WCMC fails to comply with any provision of this agreement. On termination of this Agreement, UNEP-WCMC will return the Data of respective contributors and will remove any whole or partial copies from any computer systems at UNEP-WCMC's offices.